Merlin LLC Worldwide Limited Warranty Claim Form

In order to complete your claim you will need to send us legible copies of the sales receipt showing your name, the Merlin frame in question, the date of sale and the name of the retailer. If you have this documentation in your possession please proceed below:

Name (First, Last)
Street Address
Zip/Postal Code
Daytime Phone
Have you previously made a claim on this frame? No
Purchase date (mm/dd/yyyy)
Retailer name
Model name
Serial Number
Frame size
Approx. miles ridden since purchase
Specific part of Frame affected
Describe the damage and how the damage occurred
When did you first become aware of frame damage?

Once we receive and review this information above we will contact you so that you can send us the purchase information above and possibly photos of the frame and damage.

If your frame is not warrantable under the terms of the Merlin warranty then we will advise you of this fact and, if possible, suggest a facility that might be able to repair your frame at your cost.